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A Massage For A Happy Ending

A Massage For A Happy Ending

Imagine sitting in your room after ordering a massage, just waiting for the girl to get there and get the job done. You are tense and your muscles needed to be rubbed out in order for you to be comfortable and relaxed. This has been something you have been looking forward to for a long time. As you begin to pace the room there comes a knock at the door, and your quickly go to the door to let your visitor in.

But what you have ordered is more than just a massage, it’s a fantasy that is going to do more than just relax you. It’s going to bring you to such heights of pleasure that a mere massage will never cut it anymore. In walks in a beautiful woman that has all the curves that you could possible hope for. She has no massage table in tow, however she does have a little bag filled with essential oils, and several other goodies you have only ever heard about. She tells you that she is here for your massage and instructs you to strip down and lay down on the bed so she can get started.

As you quickly rush to do so, you notice that she is laying out the contents of her bag near the bed, and much to your delight she too begins to undress. As she slowly begins to massage you with her hands she is also touching your body with soft luscious breasts and you can feel the warmth in-between her legs as she straddles your leg to rub your thighs. You can only imagine how the rest of the night is going to play out, and it will be a night you won’t soon forget.

This is just a small sample of what it means to hire a hot escort that is into body massages. They will play with and pleasure you using their hands and their body and it will leave you breathless as they tantalize you with foreplay and let you have your way with them. If a massage is not your fantasy and you happen to be into something a little different, then there is sure to be something in that little bag of theirs to bring out your pleasure. These adult escorts can only be found in the right places, and you need to know where to look. We can help you find them, with a few clicks of your mouse.